estela mendes

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i provide visual design, editorial and identity for institutions and individuals.

putting my practice to expanding the boundaries of visual argumentation, i set conditions to deconstruct familiar narratives and standard concepts.

with strong strategic skills, i have worked as a very detail-focused designer for clients ranging from institutional to cultural fields. 

previously at tátil (2015–2018) designing branding projects in a multidisciplinary integrated team, at grade (2018–2020) designing editorial and typographic projects and at polar (2020–2022), leading a monthly magazine art direction and designing editorial and identity projects.

currently working as a freelancer and open to collaborations.

mobile version under construction.
i would really appreciate it if you could access this site on your computer.


balaclava magazine

the semestral balaclava magazine is an independent brazilian publication about music and culture from the label and producer balaclava records. for its 8th edition, i was commissioned to design some spreads. using strong type choices, i aimed to highlight an independent experimental language and construct visual argumentations which complement the meaning of the texts.

client balaclava magazine design and illustration estela mendes editorial direction isabela yuexecutive production heloisa cleaver magazine graphic project ana david, thata jacoponi, yasmin kala proofread pedro camargo