estela mendes

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i provide visual design, editorial and identity for institutions and individuals.

putting my practice to expanding the boundaries of visual argumentation, i set conditions to deconstruct familiar narratives and standard concepts.

with strong strategic skills, i have worked as a very detail-focused designer for clients ranging from institutional to cultural fields. 

previously at tátil (2015–2018) designing branding projects in a multidisciplinary integrated team, at grade (2018–2020) designing editorial and typographic projects and at polar (2020–2022), leading a monthly magazine art direction and designing editorial and identity projects.

currently working as a freelancer and open to collaborations.

mobile version under construction.
i would really appreciate it if you could access this site on your computer.


revista esporte clube pinheiros

43 magazines&covers designed between 2018–2022

graphic project + art direction (2019–2021) estela mendes design (2018–2022) estela mendes, bruno ribeiro, miriam kim, stella bonici print run 21,000/month format 210×275 mm editorial team diego muniz/ecp, luma pereira/ecp studio grade (2018–2020), polar (2020–2022)